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Full Name : Adlin Sofiya
Nickname : Lyn
Age : 19
Hobbies : reading, blogging, planner decorations, sheet masking
Birthdate : 3 April
Likes : food, masks, skin cares, lip products, books, kdrama, seventeen, bts
Favourite Quote : even if you are not perfect, you are limited edition

Facts about me :
I'm a talkative person in a real life
Sometime I have very low self esteem, but most of the time I'm a very confident girl
I love to eat, Jarang memilih makanan tapi selalu complain bila makanan tak sedap
I'm in love with lips product-lipbalm, liptint, lipstick
I'm learning english and korean languages now, and I hope I have friends to study with me

Happiness is not something you have to achieve. You can still be happy during the process of achieving something

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